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Honda Freed Welcab (Petrol) - Side-Lift Chair version


Rotate & Slide-Out Lift Seat

When the rotation/lifting switch on the side of the seat is pressed, the seat slowly rotates outward. The backrest automatically reclines and lowers out of the vehicle. When you release the switch, it stops.

Once seated...

Lower the armrests for comfortable arm support and put the feet up on the footrest of the chair….

Lifting upwards and into the car...

With the switch pressed, the seat will lift upwards and rotate inwards into the car body…

Seat is now inside the car!

Ensure that the 3-Point Safety Harness is secured for the passenger.

Technical Data of the Honda Freed 1.5G Welcab

Engine DOHC i-VTEC In-line 4-cylinder
Engine Capacity1,496 cc
Max Output95 kW (129 PS) / 6,600 rpm
Max Torque153 Nm / 4,600 rpm
Top SpeedTBA
Dimensions (L x W x H)4,265 mm x 1,695 mm x 1,710 mm
Fuel Consumption5.8L / 100km 

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