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2022 Toyota Noah Hybrid Welcab (Type I with electric winch/Ramp version)


Factory-fitted Suspension System

Controllable vehicle suspension with height lowering adjustment to allow easier Roll-in and Roll-out of the wheelchair occupant.

Factory-fitted aliuminium ramp that can handle up to 200kg

Easy pull out of accordion style aluminum ramp

Easy Loading with Factory-fitted Winch Assistance

An electric winch system that is remote control operated enables the easy loading in and out of the wheelchair occupant

Factory-fitted wheelchair secure system

The wheelchair is safety fixed to the floor of the car at the front and the back. The occupant is also properly secured to prevent any movement during the drive.

The wheelchair position

The wheelchair occupant is secured in the left side of the middle row of seats, with enough room to be reclined. A stretcher can also be secured in this place.

Factory-fitted wheelchair seatbelt system

The wheelchair occupant is safely secured like any other passenger with the 3 point safety belt system for the shoulder as well as the waist.

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